Konigun Training Manual

The ancient martial art of Konigun Ninjutsu was founded over 800 years ago in Japan. The techniques developed over the ages have finally been released to the public in a 764 page volume. It covers the study of nature, concealment, hand and foot techniques, grappling and joint manipulation, ground fighting, acrobatics, and traditional weapons. Click on the image to the left for samples of the rank structure of the Konigun Ninjutsu Ryu from White to 4th level Black Sash. We offer classes in several different states along the Atlantic coast from Mississippi to Massachusetts. We also have classes in several other countries including Poland, Indonesia, and China.

The Gathering The Gathering is a 9-Day Training Camp that is being held from July 18 to July 26 this year. It is our next major national camp. Anyone in attendance will have the oppurtunity to attain rank. Activities include hand and foot training, day and night navigation, shelter building, weapons training, student rank testing, sparring, and woodland skills training!! Click Here to register and for extra information regarding activities. The early bird price ($100 off the regular price) only lasts until June 12. This camp now overlaps with the Conclace, the 9-day black sash training camp. Students will have the oppurtunity to meet instructors from across the country and to train with them. Register now to avoid paying more later!

Tobu Tora News

The Gathering 2008, The Homage 2007, and a Nature Skills Taikai
Thursday, July 24, 2008
After much looking the pictures from the Homage 2007 have been found and posted. See them here! Before the Gathering commenced in July, there was a Taikai in Mississippi that covered nature skills. See the story here! After the Taikai, everyone waited impatiently for the Gathering to round the bend and now The Gathering 2008 is over and it was spectacular!!! The pictures have been posted. They are here. This year's Gathering was wonderful as we now have four new Meiyos. Patrick Duckworth, Dan Ford, Sarah Oyston, and John Westcott all tested and did very well! Congratulations to them and to everyone else that attended camp, had a lot of fun, had a good time training, and made rank! The Homage is now just over the horizon. If you wish to attend, go here to register.

New Features and Another Fact or Fantasy Section Added
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Today is another great day! We've added a Guestbook in order to get more feedback from our viewers. You can find it here. You may also have noticed that the Tobu Tora News is now hosted on Blogger.com. This will allow all of you to subscribe using RSS and get updates when they are posted! (Tobu Tora News RSS) The Dojo News section is also now hosted on Blogger.com. (Dojo News RSS) Also going up today is the General Martial Arts Myths section. Many myths generalized to different types of martial arts are addressed here, but the most exciting myth involves the fabled Dim Mak. It's at the bottom of the page so be sure to scroll down and find it. For the first time, we have included video footage of the Dim Mak being performed. Check it out! No pressure point strikes here, just a good ol' Dim Mak or two.

The Truth About the Leader of Our Cyber Hate Group
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
A very important update about the leader of our Cyber Hate Group has been posted today! If you haven't read any of the other articles, you should definitely read this one: The Truth About Cayce Shannon Lancaster It just wouldn't do for any of our loyal viewers to be unknowingly Aiding and Abetting. Thanks to all those who made this important bulletin possible!