Saturday, June 4, 2005

New England Safari

On the weekend of June 4, Shidoshi and Meijin ventured into the Great White North to chase down the crazy northern ninjas (that would be the Majoshu family for those who didn't immediately associate the word crazy). Massachusetts has had a lot of snow this past season, and temperatures for the previous two weeks were in the 50s and raining. Suddenly when Shidoshi and Meijin arrived, the weather was in the 80s and sunny. Although Taibushi is still begging to be taught the secret, she has not yet mastered the art of changing the weather to suit her mood (which is probably fortunate for the other inhabitants of the area).

When they arrived at Taibushi Bonnie's home on Thursday, Shidoshi and Meijin spent the evening teaching 5th degree techniques to Taibushi, Bushi Sean, Senpai Nate, and one Shiroto Nissa. Most of the day Friday was spent teaching us to act like animals, literally! As more students arrived, the camp spilled out into the yard and Taibushi's neighborhood was treated to the view of multiple weapons being learned in the driveway, the yard, and the street. Traffic decreased substantially in the neighborhood for the weekend.

By Saturday, as the camp had officially vacated all of the neighbors, 5th degree training continued. Meijin taught Taibushi, and Taibushi passed her new knowledge on to Bushi Sean. Much to Bushi's dismay, Taibushi has decided that she needs more practice. Although Taibushi is not sure why, Bushi's schedule has suddenly become very busy- but she'll find him for practice anyway... The Shirotos continued to work on weapons.

On Sunday, the camp was lucky enough to be treated to a trip to one of the northern beaches on the Atlantic coast. The water was a balmy 50 degrees or so, and as tide came in with the cold outer current the class spent a few minutes trying to guess whether the water would be frozen if it had been fresh water instead of salt water. Since it was the first really nice weekend in the area, the beach was rather crowded except for the area directly around the Ninja Camp. The class ran Shin Kata, Shiroto Kata, and Chi Kata on the sand and in the water. The five foot swells made running katas very fun and after a few minutes the class was no longer cold, however it was also difficult to detect the existence of our outer extremities.

In all, including Taibushi and Bushi, there were seven attendees- the entire Majoshu family thus far. The cooking was excellent (yes-I'm biased since I did the cooking!). We all learned a lot of new things, and thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Shidoshi and Meijin. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Gathering!