Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Konigun Cutting in MS

One for the books...

This month down south at the Kori dojo, the Fukuro clan has been working on everyone's favorite cutting weapon: the daito. Earlier we worked with shinai to get ready for the real thing, practicing strikes and blocks, and doing wrist-strengthening exercises. By the middle of the month we were working on sword wind in the dojo, listening carefully and wishing we were located a little further away from a busy street. We began to collect used bottles from soft drinks, water, and even some milk cartons and stockpiled them in the store. When the time came the class filled the bottles with water, stacked concrete blocks up and used the pedestal as a place to chop the bottles up. We worked with a variety of strikes, creating what some might call art. Yoshi David is still awaiting a response from a gallery in New York. After eviscerating about half of our bottle stash, we decided it was time to practice penetration strikes. The results were varied, but as you can see from the picture, Deshi Judin managed to do all right, using a forward penetration strike to cleave a bottle in two, without even damaging the neck! When all was said and done, there was a group of very amused, very wet ninjas, trying to figure out why it was so hard to cut through Fusion energy drink bottles. But everyone has a much better understanding of the way cutting works, now that we've done it some.

More and more gorilla gloves have come in, which means soon we'll be getting into full on shinai sparring. Maybe next time I'll write about that, if my arms aren't too sore! The gathering is coming up shortly, and the Kori clan is eager to show what we've learned to the rest of the ryu. See you there!