Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Majoshu Update - June 2007

As I was reviewing the web page for any new information and hopped over to the school news section I noticed that I had been averaging an update of once a year at about this time. Given the changes that have taken place, I decided it is now the opportune moment for the Majoshu update!

Alas, the NMK New England dojo has closed for multiple reasons. Taibushi Bonnie's schedule became more prohibitive and her living location changed in relation to the location of the dojo, creating further problems with the scheduling conflicts. Currently, she is teaching at her new home on Tuesday and Thursday nights. This has allowed for much more time to focus on training her remaining students and on progressing her own training.

The Homage of 2007 was also held at the Majoshu home. January in Massachusetts caused some concern, but the weather cooperated fairly well and it was actually above freezing for most of the camp. We thoroughly enjoy hosting our Konigun brothers and sisters and understand what a long, strange trip it can be! :-) Camp itself went very well and we all learned a lot. Our task as camp ended was to process what we had learned and continue to progress it until the Gathering and Conclave.

Taibushi Bonnie is expecting fair representation of the Majoshu family at this year's Gathering with at least a Deshi and probably a Shiroto and a Hinin attending. Taibushi will attend the first weekend of the Gathering and then return to attend the entire Conclave. Summer camp is an event that is anticipated all year long! For anyone reading, if you haven't been to one, you should go!

That's the update for now. Perhaps another update will be along after summer camps.