Thursday, July 5, 2007

USA Trip

Poland Seminar

We're about to fly to the USA. As I mentioned one year ago, we are going on the Gathering and also to the Conclave. We are flying over there to New Orlean to Taibushi Joe, the head of the Neko Rei family. We are going to have some sights over there and then we will go to Tennessee.

We are really excited because of this trip. We will meet the head of our style and other black sashes, who we had a chance to meet only by the phone and e-mails. We can't wait to meet other students of Konigun Ninjutsu. We worked hard to fly over there with visas and other stuff. But we are enjoying every minute of our preparing for that adventure. Everything is a huge question mark for us, but it makes us more excited about everything.

Few words about our progress. The Polish part of Konigun Ninjutsu opened a second class in my home town, in Inowroclaw city. We have new students there who I think will enjoy this special art. Along with the class in Inowroclaw, there is still a group in Torun, which is growing. Dojo in Torun has existed much longer, that's why there are more advanced students. During the seminars there are more people outside of both of those cities who want to keep training and get tips to train on their own.

Our biggest achievment is that everyone is like a big family. We are working on it all the time, to keep everyone together. It is special, the same as this martial art is. That's why there are plenty of people who weren't allowed to train with us. But those who got on our training became fellow brothers and sisters.

We are happy, because Konigun is starting to be interesting for people, even who are not training it. We made few shows, which made big impression on the crowd. We've been on tv, introducing our style and also in a few newspapers, several times. People starting to ask about classes near their cities and everything is making us to work hard.

The Gathering in Poland, which is going to be in August, is prepared. There we will make some tournaments for campers, there will be time for sights and for hard trainings. Summarizing: lots of fun, time for relax and time for work. We are going to make trainings in dojo, but also near beautiful Polish Baltic Sea on a beach.

Senpai Adam and I are both looking forward to seeing everyone in the United States. We are also inviting every Konigun Ninjutsu martial artist to Poland. See you in Tennessee!

Senpai Pawel Szatkowski