Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Practical Application of Force

This story comes to us from a Shiroto in Poland who was recently attacked by an drunken man while walking his sister through a park after dark.  His courage and skill allowed him to protect not only himself from this man, but also his younger sister.  This is what happens when you train well in Konigun and you learn to apply the concepts that we teach.  Read on:

I'm Shiroto Blazej. I train under Samurai Pawel Szatkowski (Suzume) in delta group in Inowroclaw. A few days ago I had an incident. I think that was 10 p.m., when I was going across the park with my 15 year old sister. She asked me to pick her up because she was scared of walking through the city when it's getting dark. I saw that there was a drunken man. He started to insult me, screaming many horrible things in my direction. I replied only, "Hey, think about who you are..."
Then He tried to punch me in my face. I blocked his first punch and then the second. Then I did the grapple sweep technique the same as I was practicing during my trainings in dojo. I take him to the ground and then I hit him in his ear with my head. He started to bleed, so I left him.
I took off my coat and took an advanced stance, but he started to laugh. I thought that there is no sense to continue this fight and resigned. I turned around and went to my sister, but he jumped on my back. So I fell down with him (again to the ground). I started to strangle him for a moment, but I resigned a second time and I got up.
My T-shirt was dirty with blood from his ear. I want to go away, but I heard him chase after me. I turned around and I wanted to kick him in his head, but there is a problem, I am wearing beggs; they are wide pants and they constrain me. So I kicked him in the chest twice with whip kicks and a third time I used a front snap kick, but he grabbed my foot. Now I must use elements of my environment. There were iron toys on the playground. I took his head and hit it on an iron toy. That was the last time he tried to hurt me. Finally, he resigned. I took my sister and went home safely.
That's all. I think that it was an enlightening experience, but I hope that something like that will never happen again, because that kind of situation is very stressful. 
Shiroto Blazej
Shiroto has expressed his greatest relief that he trains in Konigun.  The effective and practical training that he receives in Konigun Ninjutsu allowed him to save himself and his sister from harm.

Good Job Shiroto!

Samurai Pawel can be reached at if you are interested in training in Poland.